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Hike of Hope Spring 2019

Hike of Hope! Hike in honor of, in memory of, or in hope of someone. As we hike, we are able to ease our minds, find time to pray and find peace in what surrounds us. Take some time to enjoy nature, family, friends, and the hope that we have in God's presence. This is simply a personal time of reflection as well as fellowship. If you need prayer, we will be available to pray with you. If you need solitude, you will be able to find areas to simply be alone and rest. There are two different trails that lead around the preserve. One is an easy trail, the other is more challenging with bluffs and cliff areas. Bring your family out to enjoy this beautiful area. This is free to the community. Water and trail mix will be provided. We will also provide lanyards to wear around your neck. Each person will have the opportunity to place something of importance in the clear plastic badges on the lanyards. You can bring a picture of a loved one to place inside, or we will have note cards available if you wish to write a message or prayer of your own.

*Photo credits go to Cole Chandler.

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