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Light of Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit assisting individuals and families facing the struggle of substance misuse & providing prevention education to our communities.


Individuals & families are provided opportunities of support through LOH support groups, classes, workplace readiness, helpful resources, and encouragement for the future.



Light of Hope School & Community Drug Education Program, focuses on educating our children & communities.

LOH provides guidance in finding resource assistance, encouragement support groups, classes, monthly speaker panels, school, church, and community drug prevention education.


LOH provides a confidential, non-judgmental, loving environment, which will bring encouragement and hope to families and individuals learning how to cope with the rollercoaster of substance misuse & addiction. We are a support system grounded on faith in God, bridging the gap: Helping people see the HOPE. 

Mountain Ridge


Keith Austin

It's what people don't see, that matters. We know that Light of Hope is making a huge difference behind the scenes, by helping in areas we publicly do not see. 

Sarah (Mom from Inola Middle School)

Thank you for educating my son at Inola Middle School. He's in 6th grade. He is really listening and thinking about all you have taught him.

Patsy Wheaton

Light of Hope saved my life. If it weren't for them loving me and helping me through difficult times, I don't know where I would be.  

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