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LOH/DEA Drug Prevention Education Program

We have partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) as the first organization in Oklahoma to bring D.E.A. approved drug education and prevention curriculum to the elementary, middle school and high school ages, as well a parent/teacher drug education.


Light of Hope received the D.E.A. 2020 National Community Drug Prevention Award.

Resource Assistance

Individuals & families who are serious and ready for help, can find assistance in locating the best resources available to receive that help. We will guide and encourage you in this difficult step. We will pray, encourage and do our best  to find the best facilities possible to meet your need.

Support Group

Encouragement Support Groups

Encouragement Support Groups assisting families and individuals through the emotional difficulties of addiction and other life situations. We offer prayer, encouragement and wisdom through scripture, educational topics, and allow the opportunity to share and derive feedback.

Community Awareness

Our desire is to educate and inform our community. We strive to bring the family unit together, by encouraging positive gatherings through community focused events. Such events have included clean New Year's celebrations, community fashion shows, and a county-wide Christmas light drive.

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Addiction's Awful Truth Panels

Monthly panels of speakers, sharing their experiences with the truths of addiction. These are impactful ways to bring truth and awareness through real-life experiences. These panels are offered in partnership with the Roger's County D.A.'s office.

Reboot Rebuild Employment Initiative

A program designed to assist the community with the difficulties of finding employment, housing, and resource assistance. Designed to give a productive hands-up to those who have faced difficulty rebuilding their lives after past mistakes. This is a very organized seminar, providing speakers, break-out sessions, employment guidance, techniques for improvement, and resources, to guide people towards a road to rebuilding and recovery. Light of Hope leads this program in partnership with the Roger's County D.A.'s office. Boost is a reverse job fair follow-up to the Reboot Rebuild Expo. Participants interview Employers.

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