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LOH/DEA Prevention Education Program


Light of Hope received the Drug Enforcement Administration

(DEA) 2020 National Community Drug Prevention Award!

  Light of Hope offers drug education and prevention to 

schools, churches, & communities through group prevention education,

assemblies & parent/teacher awareness education.

Light of Hope is officially partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.). 

For years I lived with the belief that drugs would not affect my child. I had a false reality. “Those hard drugs,” weren’t in our area, were they? Then, it began happening to our family. We tried to save our daughter for 7 years. Our precious Ashley, died on Christmas Eve of 2013. There is no way to describe the pain of losing a child.

 - Layla Freeman
LOH Founder

D.E.A. Resident Agent in Charge
David King

      In an exclusive partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.), Light of Hope provides current, powerful, and effective education to the schools.

      One of Light of Hope's greatest missions is to focus on educating and equipping our children on how to handle the reality of what they face in this world today.

      Drug education and prevention are critical to the future of our children.

      Light of Hope is providing school drug education and prevention in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools, through powerful assemblies, group & classroom education, and parent/teacher education.

This is offered to any grade level.

School Supply


L.ight of Hope has definitely made an impact on our students. We are very grateful for the education and tools being taught through Light of Hope.

Catoosa Schools

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Funding through Change for Change

Light of Hope is asking businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals to consider partnering on a continuous "change for change" funding initiative. Your change matters. Consider donating the cents on the end of each pay check to LOH programs. It may only be .59 cents, or .25 cents, each pay period, but those pennies add up when we all come together to make a difference.
Our community is worth it. 

Contact us, and we will gladly explain the fundraising initiative in more detail. We are also available for business, church or organization presentations at any time. 

Credit: KOTV-News on 6 reporter Sawyer Buccy

Thank you for your support & donation to our mission! 

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