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Wall of Hope Brick Campaign 

Honor a family member or loved one, pay tribute to a favorite mentor, share your favorite scripture, recognize a local business/company, or honor oneself.


When you Buy a Brick on the Light of Hope Wall of Hope you are helping support the mission of LOH.  

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does 1 brick cost? And is my brick donation tax deductible?

    • Each brick costs $100.00 (there is no discount to purchasing multiple bricks; this is a fundraiser)

    • For US citizens and residents, yes, the brick donation is generally tax-deductible on your federal and state tax returns. The full value is deductible and will be included in our acknowledgement letter.

  2. What can I include on the brick?

    • Each brick can have up to 3 lines of text with up to 20 characters on each line.

    • You may include a symbol (ex. flower, shamrock, cross, star, jersey #, etc.) 

  3. Can I purchase one with my company logo?

    • Yes, the cost for a company logo is $150 for each brick with a $50 annual renewal fee.  

  4. Where can I purchase my brick?

  5. Is there a deadline?

    • No, there is no deadline. Newly ordered bricks will be produced and installed when we accumulate a sufficient number of bricks to place an order with our supplier.  

  6. Where is the brick located and will I be able to see/visit my brick?

    • Absolutely! You're invited to visit the Light of Hope office in person anytime to see your brick after it's installed. We will also post a high-resolution photo of the Wall of Hope on our LOH website (and keep it current). The Wall of Hope is located in our Large Group Room at the LOH office. ​

  7. When will my brick be installed?

    • Once we accumulate a sufficient number of bricks to place an order with our supplier, we will order them, install them and email you when it's placed. ​

  8. How long will my brick last?​​

    • They are permanent. In addition, should the LOH office ever move to a new location, the bricks (label/signage) will be moved with the organization to its new location. ​



Helping people see the hope.

To purchase Brick by mail, download this FORM and mail along with check to:

Light of Hope

403 W. 1st St. 

Claremore, OK 74017

For questions, or help ordering your commemorative brick, please email or phone us at or 918-373-4560.

Buy A Brick today!

Honoring our Past, Present and Future one brick at a time.

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