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Successful Event! Reboot Rebuild Rogers County

Reboot Rebuild - helping our community succeed!

Light of Hope & The Rogers County District Attorney's office, partnered together to organize the 3rd Annual, Reboot Rebuild. Through hard work and collaboration with many community partners, we were able to provide our community with an excellent opportunity toward many avenue of assistance. The event was held last Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.

Reboot Rebuild was held at Rogers State University, Health Sciences Building. There were 34 resource tables, filled with everything a person could need to find answers. Each table was hosted by a different organization, help agency, employment agency, or other various resources.

BAMA Companies provided excellent information, as the two keynote speakers, Sheila Howell & Adele Lofton, presented to the audience. The audience then had an opportunity to hear and ask questions to an Employer Panel, which provided valuable information in regards to employment. Other speakers included, Laurie Ault, Getting Ahead, financial advise opportunities; Gary Hook Insurance (yes, he can help anyone get insurance); Josh Cantwell, Grand Lake Mental Health; and Groups Recovery. Participants were also given the opportunity to apply, build resumes, and do brief interviews with potential employment agencies.

This event is a valuable opportunity to provide our community with an avenue of connection. This will be on ongoing event. We project the next Reboot Rebuild to be held in the Spring of 2019.

Many thanks to everyone involved! Together we are a TEAM - helping our community succeed!

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