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Tyson Foods Blesses Light of Hope, who blesses our community!

32,000 POUNDS, 1600 CASES of TYSON chicken breast patties!! There are no words to describe how truly blessed and THANKFUL we are! is awesome!! We received this incredibly generous donation from Tyson Foods! It was a complete surprise! We at Light of Hope, immediately decided to turn our blessing into a blessing for our community! We collaborate with so many wonderful churches and organizations already, and we know the needs they have too! As of today, we have blessed all of Rogers county & beyond with chicken! All the chicken has been accounted for!! Every Church, Food pantry, help agency, shelter, non profit, transition homes, nursing home, jails, etc., have filled their freezers with chicken! We met the Pastors, Directors, Founders, owners, etc of every church or organization you can imagine. Even Tulsa & Broken Arrow organizations responded to our call. I'm SO THANKFUL for my Light of Hope TEAM & Volunteers and the love we share at LOH. There is no greater feeling than helping others and blessing our community. God is truly with us. 🙏🏻❤️ Layla Freeman - Founder/C.E.O.

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