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Volunteers put food in the hands of veterans

The sun was shining on a group of volunteers who gathered Wednesday to lend a helping hand to their local veterans.

Together, in the Claremore Expo Center parking lot, volunteers, members of the Claremore chapter of Disabled American Veterans and Light of Hope Ministries portioned out non-perishables and fresh produce.

The goods were bagged and prepped for pickup by area veterans.

Veterans were able to drive through and have volunteers load the food into their vehicle.

While loading fresh produce into bags, members of the DAV were praising the efforts of Light of Hope—a group they said has been a part of the process since the beginning. Light of Hope, a Claremore based non-profit, is “focused on assisting others with making a choice to seek recovery from addiction or situational life difficulties.”

The project was done in partnership with the Tulsa Food Bank.

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