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Green Country Nonprofit Helps Women Work Through Trauma With Yoga

Light of Hope is helping women work through years of trauma with yoga. The classes are taking women back to the basics, giving them tools to rise above their pasts.

Trauma has a way of turning your world on its top and of picking up your life and shaking it until your pockets are empty. Every woman in this room knows trauma intimately. Some have lost children, others have gone through years of sexual abuse.

Light of Hope does all kinds of work for the community. Recently, employee Julie Duncan started teaching yoga classes to give people living with trauma tools they need to cope. Every week for 60 minutes, Julie takes this group back to the basics- breathing in the present together, despite the past that brought them here.

The chair-based class is every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. There is also a mat yoga class on Monday nights.

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