Monday, September 10, 2018

FREE to the entire community! Join us for a Six-Week series of HOPE & Healing!

Each MONDAY evening for 6 weeks. 

September 10th - October 15th. 


Claremore Conference Center - Holiday Inn Express - 918-965-1931

1400 W. Country Club Rd. Claremore, OK 74017

Focused Faith Heals is a Christ centered word based 7 -Step Mind Renewal Series.  

“Focused Faith is Hearing, Seeing, Saying, Doing, Praying, Receiving and Teaching the Goodness of God! When Your Body and Soul Come Into Alignment With Your Spirit Your Healing is Received.” – Dr. Bishop

You have a SPIRIT
You have a SOUL 
You have a BODY
Are they connected?
Are they maximizing at their full God given potential?
Are they as healthy as they could be?
Which one is in control of your life?

Every time you THINK, you either choose a faith-focused direction or a fear-focused direction. Your thoughts and beliefs cause a structural change in your soul and body. What you choose to think about and believe, impacts your spirit, soul, and...

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