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Life is a journey filled with ups and downs. There are times when we face situations in life that seem impossible. The isolation, struggle and despair we go through is real. This is when we need help to see there is hope. This book walks you through those difficult and dark times of life; giving encouragement that there is the ability to make it through the tough stuff. There is hope in the struggle, and this book is a light to help guide you through.


Layla Freeman - Author


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$10.00 each.  Please message, text or email for purchasing details.  


Palm Crosses are hand carved by:  Howard Hermann – Wood Master. 

(Some of our palm crosses have been hand sanded by individuals who are in recovery)

What is a palm cross? Some say the palm cross is like holding God’s Hand when we pray. The palm cross is a symbol of hope. As we hold this hand carved wooden cross, we can tangibly feel the presence of our Savior. We can hold tight to the promises God has given us; that He will never leave us nor forsake us. At times of difficulty, despair and loneliness…we need someone to be with us. We need a reminder that Jesus is always with us. The palm cross gives us comfort that Jesus really is present. God is with us throughout anything we ever face.

Often times the palm cross is a gift; either to ourselves…or to someone who needs to be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus. This gift of a palm cross, often becomes a persons comfort and a very valuable asset to facing the difficulties of daily life.

May you be blessed. May you find comfort in our Savior each day.

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